Healthy Vegetable Gardening, Planting

Vegetable gardening is usually a passion, an activity done in your spare time as a hobby, but since you are planning to grow actual vegetables in your back garden, you should also know a couple of things about how to keep them healthy and enjoy these vegetables when they are ready to harvest.

The first thing you need to do is keep in mind that you need to use only natural products for fertilizing and pest control, otherwise you damage the environment, you damage the crops and possibly even yourself if you attempt to eat the vegetables. There are a lot of natural pest control and fertilization products out there that you can use effectively as well as making sure that your crops are healthy for you and your family.

You can even make your own fertilizers and pest control mixes so that you are sure that they are safe and natural. For example, as a pest control agent that has proved to be extremely effective overall is a liquid mix from onion juice and water. You can also use garlic juice and water for the same effect. As a fertilizer you can use a compost made out of dry leaves and anything organic that is not growing anymore, such as the grass after you mow the lawn and even organic food remains, such as a salad that has gone bad. You can put all these ingredients in a large bin and cover it. After a couple of months the compost is ready to use.