Home Gardening Tips and Ideas For Beginners

Many folks are ripping out decorative grass lawns and replacing them with a food producing vegetable garden, for many reasons. Having a garden and growing some of your own food comes in handy in these not-so-great economic times. Saving some money and having better quality vegetables for food are a result of growing your own vegetable garden at home. To have a successful garden you will need a teeny measure of knowledge and experience plus the determination to see it through.

By properly preparing you can enjoy healthy food day after day. Plants can go in the garden earlier if you start them inside under a fluorescent light. The harvest will be much sooner than you expected. Once the ground can be worked you should plant your seeds, then you will get more food in the middle of your growing season. Succession planting, which is planting seeds at intervals, will provide you with a generous crop all through the season. You can get more produce throughout the year if you choose seeds that are early, main season, and late varieties to supplement your transplants.

Quite a large amount of light is needed for a plant. If starting indoors plan on giving them 10 -16 hours every day under a good light source such as beneath a fluorescent light fixture. Vegetable plants need at least 7-9 hours of sunlight each day so make sure you plant them in an area of your garden that has many hours of sun exposure. Some vegetables like lettuce grow fast, so they can be grown between the rows of plants that take longer to mature, making the best use of all the space in your garden.

Be careful because most vegetables will not handle extra moistening. In hot weather or during droughts your plants will need to be well irrigated. When fruiting you should expect to water about an inch per week. Water by hand or overhead sprinkler for your first vegetable garden. Next year plan to add some drip irrigation and mulch to help conserve water, lower your water bill, and provide even moisture for your plants.

You need to check that you watch your vegetable plants for disease and insect pests. It’s simple to solve issues when you uncover a problem early. Sometimes rough chemicals are the only way to save a plant, but try to avoid inorganic chemicals if at all possible. Make sure you clean your vegetables well before you eat them.

A beneficial way to keep in shape is through gardening, and you can supply your family with the absolute best produce for the least amount of money with vegetable gardening. There’s nothing more rewarding than feeding your family with the tastiest food they’ve ever eaten. To supplement your food supply I would recommend you should try gardening. The harvest will make your efforts worthwhile. A little effort makes for a great experience and the fresh food is an extraordinary reward.

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