Home Vegetable Garden With Natural Pesticides

Pests are, well, pests. They can wreak havoc on your home vegetable garden, if you are not careful and do your due diligence in keeping them at bay.

More importantly though is repelling them in a safe manner so as not to use any types of poisons that could be harmful to your plants or your family.

Here are some ways you can repel pests naturally that will go a long way to healthier and safer home vegetable garden.

Nature can truly be your best friend, so start by attracting some of nature’s best insect predators. These includes, birds, bats and toads. Simply build birdhouses and bathouses near your garden, or even better IN your garden. Toads like cool, wet or damp areas, so you can make a nice corner in your garden to attract one or add one that you can buy from a pet store. As long as conditions are optimal for toad existence, they will not only stay where they are, but return every year.

Another natural way to repel various pests is through the use of garlic spray. Garlic spray repels insects such as aphids, spider mites and flies. There will be a strong garlic odor at first, but that odor dissipates shortly. Garlic spray is not harmful to plants, nor do they absorb the spray to change the flavor of your vegetables.

The use of hot pepper wax which is made a number of ways but all have the ingredient, capaicin the active ingredient in hot peppers, helps deter pests because they do not like spicy things. Your plants won’t absorb the spray or the capaicin, just remember to wash off your vegetables prior to preparing them.