Preparing a Vegetable Garden For Success

Preparing a vegetable garden for your first or fifth time can be both fun and challenging. The challenging aspect could be finding a suitable location that would benefit your vegetables and you when you are doing maintenance to it. You want to make it as easy as possible on yourself so it’s more like fun and not work.

You want to have a level site if possible and try to avoid planting it on a hill. Perhaps you will use borders around walkways or existing built-in planters. Where ever it is, having at least eight hours of sunlight would be the idea.

Next to having enough sun would be having the best soil you can come up with. If you can have at least 20 percent organic matter mixed into your soil you would be off to a good start. If you have a clay like soil, you need to add some sandy material to improve it’s ability to drain.

Raised beds are a great way to plant and you do not have to dig into the existing soil. You can just build mounds with dirt so the plants are actually raised higher than ground level. You may find you get better drainage and aeration this way. You can build a framework to hold the soil in or just mound it up.

When you plant your vegetables be aware of how far apart the plants should be when they grow up. You do not want to have overcrowding and prevent your plants from reaching their full potential. When you plant seeds, you can sow extra because not all will grow and you can thin the others out as they grow up.


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